Kikos                                                                                                                  2.50

Giant fried corn

Torreznos                                                                                                         3.50

Pork scratchings

Aceitunas Campesinas                                                                         4.50

Marinated Spanish olives

a beber y a tragar, que el mundo se va a acabar


Pan con Aceite y Vinagre                                                                     4.50

Home baked bread with extra virgin olive oil, cabernet savignon vinegar and ali-oli

Pan con Sobrasada                                                             

Toasted bread with Iberian Chorizo spread from Mallorca                                                       4.25

(add Mahon cheese)                                                                                                                 5.50

Pan Tumaca                                                             

Toasted bread with tomato                                                                                                            3.95

(add acorn fed Iberian ham)                                                                                                     5.45

Pan con Manchego y MIel de Caña                                                  5.45

Toasted bread with Manchego cream cheese and dark honey from Malaga


las penas con pan son menos


Jamón de Bellota                                                                                      15.95

Hand cut acorn fed Iberian ham

Tabla de Ibéricos de Bellota                                                                   14.95

Jamón, Chorizo, Salchichon & cured pork loin (all Acorn fed)

Queso Manchego                                                                                      4.95

Mature Spanish sheep cheese from La Mancha with quince paste

Queso de Cabra Curado                                                                       4.95

Organic mature goat's cheese served with raisins

Queso Cabrales                                                                                      4.95

"Cabrales" blue cheese served with walnuts

Queso Mahón                                                                                         4.95

Cured, buttery sharp cheese from Menorca served with pine nuts

Tabla de Quesos                                                                                    14.95

Manchego, Cabra Curado, Cabrales & Mahon cheese

Tabla Mixta                                                                                             22.95

Selection of all cheese & cured meat

estas como un queso


Carne a la Plancha                                                                                     6.95

Homemade Iberian minced pork meatballs in a homemade tomato sauce

Chorizo al Vino                                                                                            5.95

Fresh grill mild spicy Chorizo from Teruel with red Rioja

Cochinillo                                                                                                8.95

Roast suckling pig with apple

Morcilla con Tomate                                                                             4.95

Grilled Spanish black pudding in homemade tomato sauce

Pinchito Moruno                                                                                       4.95

Grilled marinated chicken skewers

Solomillo de Cerdo con Salsa de Cabrales                                     5.95

Pork tenderloin medallion in a "Cabrales" cheese sauce

Albóndigas                                                                                                   5.95

Homemade beef meatballs in homemade tomato sauce

Huevos Rotos con Chorizo                                                                  4.95

"Broken" eggs with chorizo and potatoes

Fabada Asturiana                                                                                  5.95

White big briad beans stew with chorizo, black pudding and "lacon"

Caldereta de Cordero                                                                               5.95

Locally sourced lamb, stewed in Amontillado wine and garlic

Callos                                                                                                        5.95

Porl and beef belly stew with cheakpeas


comiendo entra la gana


Brocheta de Rape                                                                                 7.95

Grilled monkfish tail and chorizo skewers

Boquerones en Vinagre                                                                        3.95

Fresh anchovies with homemade crisps

Calamares a la Romana                                                                        4.95

Deep fried squid with homemade ali-oli

Cazón                                                                                                       4.95

Deep fried marinated Mediterranean white fish, typical from Cádiz

Salmonete                                                                                              5.95

Baked red mullet with poached onions

Gambas Pil Pil                                                                                           7.95

Peeled Atlantic king prawns cooked in extra virgin olive oil, garlic & chilli

Gambas  a la Plancha                                                                          8.95

Grilled whole wild Atlantic king prawns

Pulpo a la Gallega                                                                                9.95

Fair style octopus with spicy paprika, a signature dish



se me hace la boca aqua


Remolacha con Queso de Cabra                                                        3.95

Freshly baked beetroot with goats cheese and thyme

Ensalada Verde                                                                                        3.95

Baby leaf salad with onions & cucumber

Ensalada Verde con Nueces y Cabrales                                             5.25

Baby leaf green salad with walnuts and Cabrales cheese

Espinacas a la Florentina                                                                    4.50

Wilted spinach in cream with  pine nuts

Patatas Ali-Oli                                                                                            3.95

Boiled new, red  potatoes in homemade ali-oli sauce (served cold)

Patatas Bravas                                                                                        3.95

Deep fried potatoes in homemade, very spicy tomato sauce

Pimientos Asados                                                                                 4.50

Roasted red peppers, onions, garlic & boiled egg salad

Setas a la Plancha                                                                                 5.95

Grilled wile oyster mushrooms with garlic olive oil

Patatas con Mojo                                                                                   4.25

Typical Canarian boiled potato dish with mild spicy sauce


fresco como una lechuga


Churros con Chocolate                                                                           4.95

Fried churros in a chocolate sauce

Tarta de Santiago                                                                                  4.95

Almond cake from Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

Tarta de Queso                                                                                         4.95

Cheesecake with strawberry syrup


a falta de pan, buenas son tortas

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